Common Complications of Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is the medical term given to the medical procedure of increasing the size and shape of a female's breast through cosmetic alteration. In cosmetic plastic surgery, breast implants are usually placed into the breast to restore a more natural appearance to the breast after childbirth or any other reason that results in a decrease in natural breast size. In this procedure, the size and shape of the breast are altered by inserting the implants underneath the skin. There are many different reasons for having an augmentation. Sometimes a woman may have lost a lot of breast tissue over the course of her lifetime and wishes to regain her former fullness. Other times a woman may have sustained an injury to one or more of the breasts, causing significant damage. Read more on  Newport beach breast lift.

In many cases a woman will undergo a breast augmentation incision due to an accident or trauma. In these cases the surgery will take place where the trauma occurred rather than in the breast implant location. The woman who has undergone this type of surgery might need additional surgery to repair the damage done to the area of the incision. Some women will also find that their current situation requires them to modify their body structure in order to have enough room for the implant.

Another common reason for having a breast augmentation is to achieve a more feminine or younger appearance. In the case of the latter, women who wish to increase their bust size go for breast augmentation mammoplasty. This procedure involves having the implants inserted behind the breast muscles or the attachment of the breast implants to underlying muscle tissue. Women who choose this option do so because they want to enhance their youthfulness.

One of the most common reasons for women to have a breast augmentation is to increase the shape of the bust. Since there are many different shapes of women's breasts, it can be difficult to find the perfect shape to compliment one's figure. A perkier and shapelier look can be achieved by having implants in this area. Breast augmentation creams can be used during the procedure to help shape the area as well. These creams will smooth out any lumpy areas and will also create an illusion of a perkier figure.

Sagging is another issue that can occur with aging and pregnancy. This can cause the skin to sag in certain areas and women wish to correct this problem using breast augmentation surgery. In many cases the sagging occurs around the upper pole of the breast and can be corrected using silicone filled implants. Other methods of combating sagging can include exercises that tighten the skin or wearing a supportive bra.

Lastly, some women experience capsular contracture. This is caused by scar tissue that presses on the sensitive structures underneath the breasts. This can make a woman feel as though her breasts are not completely shaped like she would like them to be. Capsular contracture can be corrected using either silicone or saline filled implants. Silicone gel implants seem to work best for this type of augmentation due to their ability to mold themselves to the body. Saline-filled implants are slightly more firm and give a more natural appearance. Read more about  Newport beach breast lift.

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